Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toby's Down!

but not out. So this morning Toby, Corn dawg, and I went mt biking on Vedder and Toby had a wicked crash when he attempted this 40 foot gap jump and came up short. All he got was this little cut on his elbow. Unreal! See told you all I am bad luck. On the bright side I am now on this really sweet trek carbon hard tail with full XTR and the new 100mm sid, oh mama its fun to ride. I also ran 20km today and I hit the wall so hard, its the worst bonk I have ever had, I was almost tripping over my own feet at the end and I think I almost passed out, I don't really remember.
cleaning it out in the sink.
blood all over the place.
good to go. Connor kissed it better so it should heal real fast.

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