Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The best week ever!? maybe.

So Toby and Connor rolled into town yesterday and we had a sweet BBQ with some salmon, grilled zucchini, Dizzle salad, and Anna brought some wicked good cookies. During dinner we got a little crazy and planed out the week. So here it is:

Monday: BBQ and meeting about the week.

Tuesday: MTB first thing, then kayaking of some sort. Then a possible BBQ.

Wednesday: Marty and Brett are going to be here so we are kayaking down the river.
And then we are playing squash.
And then we are going mt biking.
And then some people need to rent crampons and ice axes
And then we have yoga from 7-8
And then we will have the Awards dinner after 8 some time. This will be a pot luck bbq style so bring some food and food to grill and there will be 2 trophy's that are going to be awarded. The cups are all fixed up and ready to go.
“no and then!”

wake up at 2:59am and drive to mt baker. And climb it to the top.
Then drive back asap and kayak down the Chilliwack river canyon.

Morning-Espresso drinking contest with Toby and anyone else who wants in. After we get jacked on espresso we will plan out the rest of the day.
Night. We are going to go to wal mart and “rent” a karaoke machine and we are going to hold a rock concert off my deck. We are going to set up tents in the parking lot and rock out to Toby singing Roxanne from the balcony among other. Its going to be called “Fortstock” and it will be the event of the year so tell your friends. If there is enough demand we could truck in some dirt and do some mud wrestling let me know.

Saturday/Sunday: driving up to the Thompson river and kayaking all weekend, there is a bunch of people doing a down river race on the Sunday.

Sign up cause space is limited.

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