Monday, August 18, 2008

The summer of George.

This summer has just been unreal! Best ever! So the last while has been good, real good. The weekends have been the highlights with big adventures but the middle of the weeks have been filled with work both at the summer camps and taking out a bunch of raspberry's so we can build a chicken barns, as well as a bunch of running for the marathon and lots of river runs in the kayak along with a couple bike rides.

So Aug 3-4 we had that whole Nate braking his leg and the whole chopper deal. On the 5th me and Kurt had to hike back up to base camp to get all the gear that we left up there. The quote of the week was Kurt on the drive out there, we were both just wiped from the day before and really didn't want to go do the hike Kurt was like “oh I just want to just lay on the couch and watch TV!”

August 10th I hiked up Golden ears with Claire and it pissed rain the whole day, there was some blueing but not much. We didn't make it to the top cause we could only see two feet in front of our face cause of the fog. I got to drive Betsey over the Albion ferry for the first time on the way to the ears. Claire drove back but she just has her “L” so she got a lesson from Ricky's driving school.

August 11th I woke up at 3am and drank coffee and ate oats and drove to the mt baker trail head and was at base camp at 545am to meet Ryan Prachnau (brother of the ankle braker) also along was his wife and her sister and brother, it was a full on family affair. We got to the summit and it was so windy, we only were up there for a short while then went down. On the way home I stopped at Grahams store for the best cookie in the world “peanut butter, chocolate espresso” oh mama its unreal! Best cookie ever! (sorry mom)

August 15th there was a wicked group of people and we had a sweet BBQ at derby reach in fort Langley, we cooked burgers, played bachi ball and made smores, will even jumped into the river. I was thinking about jumping in but this Ryan guy who works for city and does a bunch of sewer work was telling me about what is in the Fraser and I though uh maybe next time.

August 16th I went and had coffee at starbucks with Nate cause he is board out of his mind. After that the day got rolling. Then I did Widgeon creek with Claire, were were just going to do kayaks but she has this full on wood canoe so we just took that. So for this Widgeon think you go by boat across the south end of pit lake then up Widgeon creek the paddle takes like 45min. Then you hike for 2.9km up to this wicked falls/pools area where you can jump around and swim and cool off, it was like 33c when we did this. Plus there was a wicked little cliff jump half way on the hike. It was such a fun day! While we were at the pools Claire stepped on something funny hurt her foot, it was really no big deal at the time but after she got home and couldn't really walk normal and had to go to the emergency and it turns out it was a real bad sprain and is out for a little while.

I guess I am back luck, it all stared with Kurt and the collar bone braking mt bike ride, then it was the squash racket in Toby's face and the resulting root canal, Nate and his ankle, and then Claire just a couple days ago. So who wants to play with me now? Brad Rodgers keep your head up!

here are the photos in no real order. plus some other photos. enjoy.
after we parked the canoe we had to walk in some deep water to the trail head
to jump or not to jump? check out how green the water is!
the falls and pools.
Betsey with a canoe in the Albion line up
Me being a motor for the canoe

me and ryan killing a snow man on baker. I knew the Ice axe would come in handy.
1400$ fork after a garage door hits my bike on the roof at 100kmph! the fork tabs we still in my roof racks!
C-Dawg at base camp with a feed bag. mmmm dawg!
Frog on golden ears
on the way up the ears.

Ferry ride back.
one more fromt he lions. that day was wicked!
"cliff jumping" into lions bay.
Yoga on the top
best tree pose ever!

top of baker, before things got crazy. nate you look very happy.
x rays from bellingham.
the Dawg in the province news paper on page 5.
pitt lake from the ears.Ricky's driving school. Do as I say not as I do.

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