Monday, July 28, 2008

"best hike ever" C-dawg.

I got a bunch of stuff on the list and this week I checked off 3 things. Number one was get to the top of mt baker, I did that with Toby and Kurt on Wednesday morning. Then #2 was to kayak the canyon in Chilliwack, so Saturday I did just that with Kurt and Jon and it was sweet, I killed some rapids and made some sweet moves. But half way down I kind of messed up and flipped up side down and just could not roll up and I had to pull the cord, so yes full on SWIMMMER!!!!! and I made sure I swam right in front of all the rafts that were coming down. I guess I just like to swim with a audience. Sunday was #3 when I did the lions with Kurt, Nathan, and Claire. The day started off as any good day should with waffle breakfast made by my mom then we drove out to van just loaded on coffee and waffles and chocolate syrup then we went to the top of the lions. There was a ton of fog at the start but the sky was in full on bluing mode and it was one for the books! Kurt said it was the best hike he has ever done “best ever!”

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amanda said...

hey ricky.
just stumbled across your blog and loving it! you are having some amazing adventures, it sounds wicked!