Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too Much Fun

So I got this new job working for pac sport doing these summer kids sport camps. They kind of pay me to play fun sports with 8-12year olds. Highlights of last week were gymnastics, archery, beach volleyball, and the real kicker is I got to water ski on Friday. Anyhow there is no camp this week and I got the whole week off. So I have been hitting the adventures hard. The last couple weeks have been filled with skiing on baker with Marty, Racing Padden lake(on the same day as skiing baker), doing the grouse grind in 29:35, Racing the Bear mt challenge, Hiking mt Macfarlane, Kayaking Alison Pools to pointa vista, and hiking mt baker right to the top! Here are a bunch of photos.
Racing BC cup on Red mt in mission, I won and had fun and the course was wicked technical and my arms were worked, I won this race due to the fact that I got huge pipes! ha.
The top of mt Macfarlane in the Wack with Tara and Nathan, thats Slesse over Nathans right shoulder.
Macfarlane log book.

foot skiing on Macfarlane, weeeeeeeeeee. Tara was a little freaked out.
Kurt, Toby and I just got back from doing baker. We had no idea how long it would take so we gave our selfs lots of time to get it done. So we went up Tuesday morning at like 9, you know post tour and waffle breakfast at the farm. We pissed around at the ranger station asking questions for a while, most of the questions were based on how to poo in the blue bags. We then figured out that we would just repel into a crevasse and yell bombs away and use the blue bags for food. We hiked up to the base of the glacier and it took only 1hr then we set up camp and it was like noon, then we played in the snow for the afternoon practicing how to rescue each other in case we had problems. It was then 4 and we ate some mr noddles and went to sleep at 6pm. We woke and 3am and ate oats and coffee and hit the mt. We got to the top of baker at 8 and waited for the fog to clear for a hour but Kurt was about to freeze to death so we then went down and were back at the car at noon. No view. I think you could do it in a day with no problems, baker is not very hard, I want to ski it!
C-dawg and toby about to get to the top.
The boys at the top, view of Abbotsford in the background
Hey Marty, how is your Fernie mug doing? my mug was loving it on the top of baker!

Padden lake, it is true what they say, nice guys dont always win.
Skiing baker the morning of padden lake race.

More Macfarlane.


Anonymous said...

Rack Wah, nice blog. I read a bit then got bored with the best day ever junk. I'm working right now and I think I'm going to cut out and relax at the Edmonton Indy, which starts today. So much better than C to the Wack Yah.


Anonymous said...

it's now thursday, and I have finally learned how to walk again!!!
thanks for the adventure

Tom said...

Nice work with the Pac Sport gig. Now you can pass out SRM's that don't work.

That baker hike looks like a killer adventure too. If I came over in the fall would you want to do it again?