Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Crazy days!

Its been a crazy week. Last Wednesday after work I was driving out to Chilliwack to play with my kayak and mt bike. I so I got my bike on the roof and I am just cruising down the hwy and there is this van in front of me and he has a garage door on his roof that is tied down with bungee cords. The garage door then catches some wind and takes flight and its coming right for my car. I thought it was going to come right through my window but it went over my car and all I heard was “ga donk” on the roof of my car then I look in the rear view and all I see was my bike doing flips down the hwy. So the bike is done and I am now working on the whole insurance thing right now.

On Sunday/Monday was anther one for the books. I went up to mt baker with Kurt and Nate. We went up there late on Sunday, we then set up camp and Kurt and I walked a little ways up there and did a little ski then we cooked up some chow and went to bed. We woke up at 3am and more chow and coffee then we started out for the summit at 4:15. We got to the top at like 930-10 and just chilled up there for a long time just enjoying the view and hanging out. Then we stared going down and we were doing some serious sliding. We got to the saddle and Nate caught his crampon in the snow kind of funny and hurt his ankle. He was doing some screaming and was in some pain. Kurt first looked at it and then he took me aside and was like “dont say anything but its bad, you need to take a look at it” I did and it was not good. His foot was not really in line with his ankle and something was broken for sure. So we needed to get him down off the mt and into the hospital in Canada due to the fact that Nate did not get any insurance. So we used a ice axe and a bunch of rope and made a splint then rigged up a series of ropes and we stared pulling him down the glacier. It was just me and Kurt for the first hour and the pulling was so hard because the snow soft and nate was like a snow plow, it was also flat for the first bit and it was just 1-2-3 pull, I have never worked so hard in my life! We then got some help and it took like 5hrs to get him to base camp. We then tried to warm him up as best as we could then rigged up a system with some tree branches and 4 of us. We started down the trail going .25miles an hour and then there was a chopper flying in. The copper then took Nate out and it was all good. He broke his tibia and did some ligament damage. Nate had surgery last night in Abbotsford. It sounds like Uncle dawg (nate) is going to be out of action for the next ten weeks then he has a bunch of physio. Nates got a bunch of photos on his camera that I took of the whole chopper thing. It was epic! I will post those photos soon.


natedawg said...

It feels so good breaking your ankle at 9100 feet.

Tom said...

Whatever. He should have just man'd up and skied down single-legged.