Friday, June 27, 2008

Time to red neck up on y'all!

So last night was just wicked! I cleaned out my basement storage and found all this wood and was thinking it would be a great idea to burn it all and not deal with it at the dump. Then I was getting hungry, as usual. So I put two and two together and boom, why not have a red neck BBQ (pot luck style) up at the river and burn all this stuff. So some others were down and we went up to the river and cooked some meat and ate some food and shot a gun. We are thinking Thursday is going to be the day for this, cooking meat over fire is a unreal idea. Here are the pics, enjoy. I got to go, I am riding baker today.
Hum, this guys last name must be Federau.
Will killing a s'more, much like he is going to kill road nationals next week.
You know the fire is good when the parks guy is warning you to keep it under control
shooting guns is fun. Hey Anna go stand over there, and face your back towards me.
check out that salmon, this is the pre grill shot.
And the after shot. mmmmmm
Kevin Hears, “oh man, your right this chicken does taste like a hot dog” thats what you get for shopping at supper store. Save on is going on strike soon so I am going to have to load up on saturday. Its going to be one massive shop!
fire jumping time. yee haw!

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