Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have now skied in all 4 seasons!

This past weekend was just unreal! So Friday the day after the redneck BBQ I went and rode baker from chilliwack, it was 214km when it was all said and done and it was so amazing, the road up to artist point was not open all the way but the excavators cleared a single path for quite a ways up the road and it was like riding single track with 20ft walls of snow on each side. On the way way home I some how lost my birth certificate so if anyone finds it out there please return. Then saturday night I a group of us went to run the river from Alison Pools to pointa vista. The river is raging cause its 33c out and all that snow that I have been skiing on is really melting. The top of Tamihi is very insane, the raft company even lets people get out and walk if they dont want to go down it. But I went for it and the first little bit went good then I got tossed upside down, but I rolled up and then was backwards but I still made it. So I went down the hardest part of the river upside down and backwards. The rest of the run went smooth. After that I had to go clean out my shorts. Then Sunday wast the ultimate day. I went for a wicked mt bike ride first thing on Vedder, I rode my favorite run. The Den, REFFER, Mongoloid, mexican ninja, and Femur. Then I went and kayaked down the river from tamihi to pointa vista and I was on fire! Its so hot out I was just busting rolls to keep cool! Then after that I went home and ate some food and packed my snow skis in the car and drove up to cheam. Somehow out of the blue I ran in to my Cousin Cam on the quad and he said that the rest of the family is at this camp site so I drove there and told them what I was doing and they said they would drive me up to the top! I would sure rather spend the 2hrs skiing on snow then hiking up some gravel road. The quad ride up was insane, my uncle rick drove the quad and he was flying, I had no helmet on and am trying to hold on to my pack with my skis and poles and he is just hucking the quad off all the water bars and just flying. Then I skied/hiked/scambled for 5hrs and my cousin Craig picked me up and drove me down. The ride down was much more sane. Thanks Craig. Once I got down there was a camp fire and they even feed me some left over BBQ chicken, mmmmm. I went cliff jumping yesterday and today I am golfing at the falls. Then I am going up to whistler to bike, paddle and ski. If anyone out there knows anyone in Squamish/Whistler that might want to take me out on a river run please let me know. Here are some photos from the skiing on cheam/lady that I did.

The best way to get up mt cheam road!
skiing with shorts on! note the tan line!
View of cheam from the top of Lady peak. I just skied down that!
Top of Lady looking at mt baker.
top of lady looking at the Fraser Valley.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! That's unreal Picky. Congrats on all 4 seasons. I'm very impressed! I just got back into town from Whitehorse and got your typical Ricky message; you were yelling, talking very fast and had some wicked story to tell me that I couldn't understand. I will call soon. We must catch up! Plus, I still have the Vag cup.