Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving it!

So the past weeks have just been unreal! Just filled with biking, kayaking, skiing, tea pot challenge, yoga, push up pyramid and work. Thats right I got a job working at the falls golf resort, my bike ride into work is like 18km, but I found a short cut up the paved golf cart path and it knocks 1km of the distance plus its like riding wicked single track through the woods on your road bike. I even get to freak out the golfers once and a while. So if anyone wants to go golfing I can get a serious discount for anyone who wants to golf with me, and I kind of want to bust out some happy gilmore! The high light of the week must have been When Saturday when we did a river run first thing and I found a I pod at the put in then I tore the river a new one then went home for 20min and then rode my road bike to baker, it was like 203km and I blew up huge on the climb and got worked then had to ride a nasty head wind all the way home. I did nothing on Sunday. On monday I did the push up pyramid to 10 and back down, and in about 20min I am going out to do the teapot challenge. Thursday night we are going to have a high class redneck party up at the river where we are going to burn stuff and cook meat and I am going to bring my gun, yeee haw! No serious its going to be a pot luck style up at tamihi at 7. so bring some food and anything you need burned, I found a bunch of wood that I am going to light a blaze. I am then going to ride baker again on Friday, but this time I am going to rest up a bit more and I am going to kill it! So here are some photos of the past little while and this is why I live in the best place ever.

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