Monday, June 16, 2008

Best day ever!

This past weekend was one for the books. So Saturday I had to drive Kurt to the airport, I got back at 3pm and then meet Craig, Jaz, Jordan, and Sophie at the river and we ran Tamihi to Pointa Vista and I was on fire, good thing we were in the water cause I had to put out the flame that was coming off my boat. No serious, the water is massive right now, almost massive as my “which way to the beach” pipes. Anyhow I stayed upright and never even had to use my bomber roll, and I had so much fun! Then right at pointa vista there is this sweet wave that we were surfing, well Craig was surfing it, I was just padding into it and getting worked and then rolling up down river a bit. I must have rolled up like 10 times. Then right after that I went home meet Nathan and we had one crazy adventure in mind.

The plan was to pack all the overnight camping stuff and all our ski stuff and camp and ski on mt Cheam. So we drove up as high as we could before we ran into snow. Then we hiked up to spoon lake where we set up camp. Hiking with camping and skiing stuff is quite hard it felt like I had full sized adult in my pack. Then we cooked up some food and hit the sack. The tent was set up on like 1meter of snow. In the morning we woke up and everything was covered in frost and it was uber cold out. So we drank some espresso and acted like giddy school girls then strapped ski stuff to our backs and started hiking up the foggy mountain. Then like ¾ ways up we hiked out of the fog and all you could see was the biggest mountain peaks and fog, it was so beautiful, I have never seen anything so amazing. We got to the top and chilled for a bit. It was cooking hot so I took off my shirt and dried it over my skis and just chilled I had my shirt off for like 20 min and today I am so burnt. Then after some PB and J's we put on the skis and hit all this untouched snow and it was unreal! Then we packed up camp and did some runs on this other area. We were out for like 6hrs in the unreal sunshine, what a day! My face is so red from the sun and snow. I want to go again. The snow is melting fast too. I would like to ski after June 21st so that I can say I skied in all 4 seasons, plus I have skied 49days this year and 50 days would be quite sweet. One might say unreal!

Kurt, how was Heathrow? So I was skiing down all this untouched snow and I was like Hum Kurt is probably in security at Heathrow right now. Oh mama see ta!
Yeah, Bring it!!!!!
Camping with uncle dawg on tons of snow.
so this is the top, on the far left is Slesse and Baker on the far right. Under all the cloud is the Chilliwack river valley, the very river valley where Kayaking took place the day before.
This is near the top and it was just unreal! we were at the top at 10am.
this is like half way down, what a day! unreal!


Tom said...

Wow that pic above the clouds is pretty cool. That is a solid adventure!

Anonymous said...

Wow Picky that looked like it was UNREAL! Have you really been skiing 49 times this year? How do you keep track after like 10?