Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chilliwack sucks, theres nothing to do?

The weekend was unreal! Saturday a bunch of us were going to go hiking up mt Cheam but there was so much snow that we could only park 2.5km from the real mt Cheam parking lot. Then we all hiked up to spoon lake and busted out the crazy carpets and let it rip. Then Sunday I played some more squash vs Mr Rodgers and it was definitely Mr Rodgers neighborhood, the best I could do was 9-6. But thats much better then the 9-2 the time before. Then after the Squash I hit up the Vedder mt for some of the best mt biking ever, Vedder is just unreal! Then Monday Nathan called in sick to work while I paddled on the lake and after that we strapped skis to our backs and went up mt Cheam for revenge. Hiking in ski boots is so hard, plus my feet now have some hard man style blisters on them. Skiing in June! Mama se ta! Ok the rain has stopped, I better go into work. Later

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Anonymous said...

I didnt call in sick I just took the day off.