Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home sweet home.

Its been a while. So I raced in Madrid and had a bad bad race, not much more to say then that. After Madrid I went to Liptovsky Mikulas Slovakia and had some good adventures and watched a very high level kayak race. Then I made it home, I got sick on the plane so when I got home I couldn't really do anything. Then my dad calls me up and needs me to go to California with him so he can get this camper. So I went and the Cali trip took way longer then it should have, like 3days longer. Bla. But now I am back at home and its unreal! Today was so so good. Gym, Sauna, mt bike ride on vedder (with a new trail just off chain crazy) then I played Squash vs Brad Rodgers. I didn't win. I am going to paddle a kayak tomorrow and hike up Mt Cheam some time this weekend. But I stubbed my toe and it kind of hurts, at least I didn't get a squash racket in the face. Here are a bunch of photos not in order.

So the one day in Slovakia I did this wicked adventure, rode my bike up this mountain for 1.5hrs then locked my bike to a tree in the middle of the woods then put on a some hiking clothing and hiked around the mountains for 5hrs then rode back to the hostel. It was a unreal day, I got hailed on so hard, I thought I was going to die. It was the first hike I have done in a long time and couldn't walk for like 3 days after. Oh but so worth it!

Magnum dark chocolate ice cream bar, best ever!
Driving to Cali
My old mans new camper.

Ben showing how to use his mouth as a knife, if you need to make a sandwich this is how you do the tomato part.
There was these kids at the kayak race who had the most unreal mullets. I was kind of jealous, I think I am going to grow one, I cant wait to play hockey with it flowing out the back of my helmet eh. Its about time to get a mullet eh.
This is what you eat when you are watching a race. Much better then doing the race and eating power gels. But the heart burn after is not so good. I think this was the best sausage I have ever had, no joke. And the spicy mustard, oh forget about it.
We would play Settlers of Catan every night. I won the overall with little to no prior settlers experience. Toby and Ben were pissed. And I was loving it. The last game I killed it, I went with the Development card overkill method. Stone, wheat, sheep. look at all that red on the board. oh mama.


squash-tech said...

Yo Ricky! Shame that Madrid sucked but what can you do when your having a good time with Wicks during the race?!?! :) Yes, I'm the guy that knows your name!!! As you say "UNREAL"!!! Your racing in Europe, all black kit, way back in the pack and someone know's you!!! Well i had a real good time in Madrid. Spoke with Wicks, Matt, Derek and a few others. Glad to know you play squash! So do I! Whenever you want to stop by in Portugal and go for a ride, play some squash just let me know! Even if you want to go the the gym, no problem! I work at one! :) Cheers!

Ricky said...

who are you? can you get me a deal on those squash shoes on your web site? I could use a new racket as well. I dont know who you are but I am going to tear you a new one at squash next time I am in Portugal, which will be never becaue chilliwack is the best place ever and I never want to go anywhere else.