Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Offenburg world cup #2

I kind of had a bad start and was maybe in the 80s on the first lap, then I was just playing catchup the whole race and made it up to 53rd and that was all I could do. I am racing well, but the results are just not really what I was hoping for. If it was a norba I would be up there, but racing in Europe is so different, there is a 100 good quality guys over here and in North America we maybe got like 10. So all I can do is get ready for next weekend.

Right after the race we got in the Halls bus and drove to Poland and thats where I am staying this week. Krakow Poland! I am staying here with Greg and his Family and its so unreal. We are going to fly to Madrid on Thursday for World cup # 3. I am really loving it here, yesterday I rode my bike to the Krakow whitewater kayak course and it made me feel a little like I was at home, that whole facility is just unreal! Then I came back from the ride and Greg's mom feed us crapes until we could eat no more, “na na, eat eat, here one more” they were really good and I didn't want to be rude so I ate what she gave me. Then we went to this indoor rock climbing class and had a ton of fun bouldering, however my arms and fingers are very sore this morning. I will try and put some photos on here later


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the race tomorrow. All it takes is one good result!

Tom said...

Oh the pollacks know how to get things done! How fast was the bus going?

Anonymous said...

Where are you Ricky? Did you stay at a hostel in Slovakia??????