Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welt cup #2

This week has been great, I am staying with the Polish Halls team at this really nice hotel/B&B/restaurant. There is this German lady who runs the show and she cooks us whatever we want and the breakfast is quite nice, my new thing is smoked salmon at breakfast. Smoked salmon on fresh bread with cream cheese is the cats pajamas. I have never been to Germany before and I am blown away! I think it may be my favorite Euro country. The little town squares are so nice, I rode through one at the start of the week and they had a market set up and the smells that were coming from the market was unreal!

The course is very nice not a ton of climbing but there is a lot of single track and a couple little drop offs that once some people get tired there should be some serious crashing. The weather has really gotten nice I have been riding in just shorts and a jersey the last couple days and its been great, I got to work on my tan. The beer garden at the course is massive and it is Germany so I am sure the Beers are also very big. My pre ride today went quite well just 2 laps and I nailed everything so I guess I should be good to go. I moved up a couple in the start to 49th but there is still 238men on the list, these world cups are just massive, I cant believe it! I don't know yet how many laps we will have but we start at 2pm German time. I hear live results are all the rage these days so I think you can find a lap by lap coverage on and

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