Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Gutten tag. Well I made it into Offenburg Germany yesterday. I drove with the Halls team in there big sprinter van. The 4hr drive went by quite quick cause we all watched the Aviator on the TV/DVD player that the van has in it. Unreal! The weather is not so good it misting very hard and is maybe 10c. I was very tired from the race yesterday so instead of going for a ride in the rain and getting sick I just chilled out. The weather is a little better today and looks much better tomorrow and for the rest of the week. The pace I am staying here is very nice. Its like a little Hotel/B&B/restaurant and its very euro and very nice. The rooms are even a little bigger then the ones last weekend. The lady that runs this place has a bunch of random cats running around, there is one laying on my bed right now and its like a massive fur ball. I had a wicked steak last night and I was spotting some pizza at the next table that looked quite good. So maybe pizza will be on the menu today. OK I am going to go for a little ride.

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Tom said...

Shiza! Good job on the weekend... and make sure you tear those Germanians a new one on Sunday!