Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Seatac Shuffle

On Sunday I raced the Seatac shuffle. I won the race in a mad mud fest. It was all dry before and after the race but during the race it rained on and off which made for really bad conditions nothing on the bike really worked all that great, there was a ton of mud! But the real story of the weekend is that my car made it all the way to Seattle and back. For those of you who don't know my muffler is rusted off of the exhaust pipe and it sounds like one of those Honda's the young kids are driving these days. Plus the car has no power and anytime you hit a hill it has some problems. Also the car was packed, 2 bikes on the roof and 4 people in the car plus a bunch of gear. We drove out of the race and there was this short steep hill and the car was hurting, so I pulled it into the right lane and turned my hazards on and we were getting passed by all the other bike races driving better cars then me and they all pointed and laughed and gave the thumbs up. Meanwhile everyone in the Trecel is just howling. The car made it home fine and all is good. I won $100 with the win so maybe I should put that towards some exhaust. Next up I fly out to Europe on the the 14th.
Trash talking 5year old style. Marty and I did some trash talking via text messaging before the race so some side walk chalk was used to draw what the podium might look like. My neighbors must think I am nuts! Little do they know.
After. I still am picking mud out of my ears and eyes. Its everywhere. Just like Kramer with the sand.


diet coke said...

That bike needs to be lufa'd.

Tom said...

Are those small block eights? Those things are decent in the mud!

I'm liking the new blog look! Very futuristic!

Anonymous said...

nice change on the blog, looks good. ryder says hi. You should watch the bee movie a jerry fan like you would laugh. I did.