Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Time

Spring is unreal! This weather is insane. I think everyday this week we have had ever kind of weather on everyday. Crazy times. Training is going well this week. I needed some rest today so I did a little paddle at the lake with Craig and out of the blue we meet Nikki there with some of her friends and the one guy that was there was very new to kayaking and flipped over and had to swim out of his boat. This guy was a long way from shore and was in the water for like 5-10min. I thought he was going to freeze to death but I think he was OK. I remember when I swam in a kayak in February in the Chilliwack river (thanks Toby) so I know how this guy feels. I played roll up the rim today and lost, I also replanted Howard into a bigger pot, he got some growth hormone as well. He is going to get jacked!

Quote of the day, Tom Skinner after selling his bike “it gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction knowing that I sold someone something of such poor quality”
I hope the guy that bought this bike doesn't read this. And I don't think I am going to buy anything from Tom.

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Tom said...

'Poor quality' is such a subjective term.

I think my favourite quote would have to be "I should get people to pay me to do their shopping in these rollerblades. This is the best idea ever!"