Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Video

OK so here is the first video ever on I did a kayak race a couple weeks ago I think there was 17 gates and I made it through maybe 6 or 7 of them. I will post the video of the K2 run but it takes forever to post it and I am just about to go from a bike ride so stay tuned for more video. I am going to be racing (mt bikes) in Seattle tomorrow so I am just going to go for a easy ride with Brad Rodgers right now. I like riding with Brad cause I can make him feel the same way he makes me feel when I play him in Squash. The guy is a unreal Squash player, maybe one day I will post some Squash video.


Connor said...

David Ford, Look out!!!!

Tom said...

Oh snap! That is a sweet video.

How was the race in Seattle? Did you win? And did the Polish wonder child go with you?

Michael Holroyd said...

That only looks like you went through five. You know that paddle is meant to propel you through the water eh? Check out the new Alberta Slalom Blog.

natedawg said...

I would try that but " I gotta eat dinner" you are thinking riding soon! I've been helping a buddy build on Sumas it's going to be a sweet trail!!!