Saturday, April 19, 2008

pre ride

It rained over night and in the morning and is lightly misting out right now. I pre rode the course this morning, things went well, the first lap was OK but nothing great then I nailed the second lap and then got off the course. It was really hard to get any flow going over the tricky sections because there was a line up of riders waiting to go down them. Training on the course was only open for a short time in the morning so all 273men and 130 women were all out there and it was line up city. Tomorrow is going to be crazy with 273 guys are going for it. Right now the tires I am running for tomorrow are going to be Maxxis cross marks. They say its going to dry up a bit and that the rain is suppose to stop. Here is a link to the preview along with a start list.


Toby Roessingh said...

Go Ricky! Let it rip and leave them all behind!

Michael Holroyd said...

Rah Rah Ricky!!!