Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Big Race

Well today was the day. The big race. I raced OK. Nothing spectacular but it was not a total wash. In the end I finished 52nd. I had a good start, for me thats just maintaining my position. Then I rode with this Belgian guy who was world champion then got busted for doing EPO and is back after a two year ban and the thousands of people were just going nuts for him. I was going up the main climb where there must have been like 5 thousand people all going nuts, I could not hear myself think it was crazy. Then I had a good crash and when I got up my bars were side ways then I did a quick fix and only lost a couple places. I rode the rest of the race a little sideways but it was not so bad. It was someones bright idea to bring there little Jack Russel dogs to the race and let them run free all over the course and I almost rode right over the little fellow and almost crashed trying to avoid it. The weather was good today and the spectators were unreal. Tomorrow I am off to Offenburg Germany for th second world cup next weekend, but now its bed time.


Michael Holroyd said...

good work dude. Keep moving up the ladder. Congratulate Ciara for us.

Anonymous said...

dude you look like darth vader in that stuff, go get darth.


got any yeast infection flakes?