Friday, April 18, 2008


I made it into the little town of Houffalize on Tuesday night. All is great and life is good. I was living solo the first 2 days then the Polish guys that I am staying with came in on Thursday and now I got to try real hard to try and learn Polish. I had to move rooms a couple times but after being solo I am now sharing a room with this polish junior, and our room is tiny. If you took a quick glance it would look like a small room with a double bed when in fact its two single beds close together. I got a massive hockey bag full of all my stuff and it has to go into the bathroom cause there is no space anywhere else. I think every big team in the world is staying here. The hotel is packed and this hotel has the only Internet connection in town so everyone from everywhere comes here and steals the connection. They had milk at breakfast today and they must have went and got it right from the cow like 1hr before I was drinking it. Has anyone seen the cows in Belgium? They all look like body building cows, they are all jacked! Anyhow the milk is great. The course is very good lots of climbing and the rain looks like its going to come big time before the race on Sunday. Laps are 7km long so its kind of long for a world cup. There is something like 280 guys on the start list, good thing I am doing OK on the uci ranking cause I get to start in 56th. Not great but its not 280th. Training is going great, I have done the course a bunch and except for a little dumb crash today everything has been perfect. I have had next to zero jet lag, I sleep from 10-830 every night and the only thing that get me out of bed is the wicked breakfast that awaits me. Its really cold out there too, 5c maybe in the morning. This Junior guys name is Marek and he has a unreal hair cut, its like a rat tail/mullet combo. I am so jealous. Mom can I have my rat tail back? So here are some photos.
eat your meat.
the room is kind of small

taking the train, this guy was not happy about my bike being all up in his face.
start/finish right downtown, 20m from the hotel I am in.
the polish teams set up.
who needs some wheels, will trade for cookies.
the main strip of Houffalize.


Tom said...

Oh the mud will be good for you. You are definately a mudder. Tear those guys a new one!

Connor said...

Ricky-- Eat that sausage and then rip it! I have a couple guys lined up here for the new tires, so you just let me know the price.