Friday, April 04, 2008

Something like that.

It was labor day weekend I was 17 I bought a coke and some gasoline and I drove out to the county fair. Da da da da, I had a bbq stain on my white t-shrit da da da da skipping rocks on the river by the rail road tracks.


Ok I can explain. So summer is here that means full Bar b q. but no stain on a white t because I don't own any white t. the rocks on the river by the tracks? Well I did a unreal mt bike ride with Marty here in Chilliwack in the morning and on the way home Marty bonked like a girl and I rode home the long way over the rail tracks that cross the river. but no skipping rocks. And then at night the county fair was hit up. The zipper the sky master oh it was crazy!. I couldn't sleep at night cause I felt like tossing my cookies and my head was spinning.

Anther story. So I go to kins farm market. I walk up to the massive Fuji apples and I am like “oh mama se ta.” then there is this old Italian lady next to me that heres this and is like “what is this? Mama se ta?” So I tell her “well when something is you know really good you say mama se ta” this old lady then picks up the apple and holds it in her hand and says “ mama see ta!” with the Italian accent and all it was unreal.

cow on grill mmmmm mmmmm
the fair from the top of the fairis wheel.
show me what you got corn Dawg.
Hey Shelly, I won! In your face.
Happy Birthday Jube-Jube Jon. note the Polish beer coaster.

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Anonymous said...

easy now ricky, there are lots of things I can say about you, but I shouldn't and won't!!
I recall the topic of conversation at the mall with steve was more targetted towards you N-bomb.