Thursday, March 27, 2008

California knows how to party in the city the city of Ranchacocamunga

So me and Marty got a rental car a couple days ago and now we are in Ranchococamunga getting ready for the first NORBA race of the year in close by fontana. we left abbotsford on tuesday morning and stopped and camped and rode in Redding. We did set up our tent in the wall mart parking lot and it was unreal! then the ride in Redding was so nice, there was this lake and good mountains and some real nice roads. On the drive down our diet was based on Safeway sandwiches and Chipotle burritos. We got in late last night and this morning we rode the course, its ok, typical california style very fast and is quite fun to ride. We are staying with my friend steve landis and watching a massive TV and just digesting a massive burrito. Life is good. I am taking photos of it and will post some when we get home on April 31.

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