Saturday, March 22, 2008

march 21st the first day of spring!

On my mt bike ride yesterday I think I rode in every condition know to man, it was unreal, sun, rain, snow, hail, wind, and tons of mud. I think spring is the best time of the year. I just got a new room mate, her name is Alana and I used craigs list to find her. So Kristen moved out at the beginning of march and left this big dresser in the room for me to deal with. Alana came by and didn't want the dresser in the room so I said I would deal with it. I posted the ad on craigs list and the add went something like this.

Dresser – 5$
old beat down dresser, very big with lots of space. 5$ or interesting trades considered. Will also accept home baking, ie. Cookies, muffins or a casserole.
no more then 20min later this guy phoned me and it went something like this.

Ricky “hello”
Guy “uh yeah you still got the dresser?”
R “oh yeah”
G “what kind of cookies do you like”
R “mmm right now I am kind of craving peanut butter”
G “Ok I will come by and get the dresser tonight”
R “sounds good, bye”
R “bye”

well later that night the door bell rang and I opened it to find this big guy holding out a grocery bag full of cookies “heres your payment, thanks” and he took the dresser and that was that. UNREAL!

the dresser
the payment.


Anonymous said...

too funny pennypacker, can you help me put puto de myo out of business.

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Connor said...

Ha! I love you Ricky! I love when you are "counting cash" and all there is is 10 bucks because only one dude came skiing. Man, I'm glad somebody's blog is awesome! word home slice!