Monday, July 30, 2007

Liver and onions is unreal!

OK, so its been a while, I was on sick leave. As soon as I landed in Rio I was starting to get congested and I was thinking it was allergies or something like that. But it was the start of the big nasty. When I got back home to BC I was really bad, 06/07 Oilers bad. I was in bed for like 4 days in a row, I had to miss a nationals that I think suited my mud skills and now I am starting to ride again. I rode yesterday and felt OK so its all good. Yesterday was the Kayak pre nationals at Tamihi and Kurt took me out on the river before the race and I swam, I did try a roll but it was not happening so it was swimming time, and everyone was watching it I was the man! did you know that Roddi made the velonews "hot" list in dec 2002? So to clear up my sinus's I am taking warm salty water in a bottle and spraying it up my nose it goes up one side and into the sinus and then out the other side and it feels so good. so here are some photos from Brazil.
Pete working hard and in the background Paraguay guy drinking yarba
Line up for food
Team Canada chowing down.

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