Thursday, July 05, 2007


Home sweet home, sort of. I am just living at my parents for the next couple days before I go to Brazil. Marsh Cooper is living in my room at Chilliwack right now anyways and I think its best if I just stay on the road and race every weekend for the time being. But I had to go home to do some Bank stuff and pay some bills. The best part is there were no bills in the mail. So sweet. Then while I was home Connor and Jon Allan phoned me up and we did a Kayak run down the river. I somehow convinced marsh to come as well. Now the water is still really high and Marsh was so scared, he has done some kayaking before when he was 10. well that was like 10 years ago. We got into the river and its all good then we were going down stream for like 5min then we got to the hardest part of the river and marsh flipped over right before it and “swam” down the hardest part. The look on his face was priceless and he held on to Jon's boat with one arm and his boat with the other. Connor got his paddle and I got his shoe. Unreal day! it was so good to be out in the real mountains having some adventures. BC is wicked, oh I love you BC. The weather is so hot too, going in the river on a hot day is so good. Then sleeping in a basement is unreal. You just got to be cool. My kayaking is very solid right now, I just feel so good in the boat. I am going to run tamihi next time I go. When I was in Chilliwack I didn't find my photo cable, I am going to have to figure something out to post some photos on this thing. And Nikki if you read this I think the tent in the garage is dry now, you could maybe pack it up? thanks Later

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