Monday, July 02, 2007

St-Felicien World cup.

The travel – 3hr drive from MSA. I dove in the Andrew Watson van on Monday. No problems.

The Accommodation – This is the real story of the trip. We rented a house with 3 bedrooms. When we got there it was some family's house and they just put up a tent trailer in the driveway and just slept in the trailer. They were fully in the house chilling the whole time and cooking cakes and doing as they please. I slept in a 10year old girls room, I kind of felt like Michel Jackson. We got half the fridge and 1 shelf in the pantry. They had a bald cat and it was so ugly. I was stying there with Marty and Watson. We complained a bit and got some money off but it was still not wicked.

The Venue – It was a small ski hill in the middle of nowhere and there was a 10km gravel road to get there. It looked real bad but then we rode the course......
The Course - Unreal! The best course I have ever done, no joke. 6.4km per lap. Little bike park, uphill climbing in the woods with roots, technical down hill single track, some fast berms, it was a real mans course.

The race – I started out in 50th place and my goal for the race was to make sure I had gas in the tank to have a fast last half and not die out, but at the same time not to get all bottle necked in the single track at the start. I made it out of the start loop in like 45ish then just went hard but not to hard and I finished strong and very tired in 21st. The weather was rain/sun/cloud/22c/13c, kind of like BC in the spring, I was loving it. I couldn't believe the amount of people that came out to watch, for a small little town they did a great job of supporting the race. I raced well but I think I can still go faster cant wait for Brazil and Nationals.

The Now – I am in a Montreal airport hotel and I fly home to Vancouver tomorrow. I am going to do BC Provincials in Mission next weekend then I am off for Brazil on the 10th for the pan am games, I hope. Right now there is some crazy stuff going on in Rio and I hope the race will happen. We will see. I will post some photos of this last trip when I find my camera cable, you got to see this cat, I am having nightmares with this thing. Cant wait to go home. later

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