Sunday, June 24, 2007

MSA world cup

Oh the day after the world cup. I am kind of tired. I worked hard yesterday. I think this was the most stacked the Field at MSA we have ever had. The best course as well, same as last year but with one more 30m section that was kind of technical. I started 55 and had a OK start and ended up coming through on the first lap in maybe 45 then I kind of moved up to the top 30 and finished in 26. I was riding in a group that had 19-28 in it. There was also a lot of the NORBA "heavy hitters" in that group, so it was good to know that I can ride with those guys. I think I just need to race more and I hope next week in St Felician I can go faster. I might have been able to go 24 but kind of messed up in the last 100m trying to do pass and rode into the sand trap and got dissed hard core by the slow sand.

The week in MSA was good hanging out with Dutch (Tim) and Roddi and Stef widmer. Sandra had this stove top espresso maker and the product that this thing makes is unreal! So the story of the week has to be when I got picked up by the cops. So I had to drop off a rental car in Quebec city because it kind of expensive to keep a car when you don't need it. the plan was to drop of the car and then ride my bike the 60km back to MSA, no problem right? Well I get lost in Quebec city, I have been riding for to long and I just want to go home. So I was like I am just going to ride the Hwy back. The hwy is super sketchy, 100km car passing merging lanes everywhere, noon hr rush hr, it was nuts. Then I hear a cop car and the dude is on the mega phone telling me to pull over. I pull over he gives me the gears then tells me to put my bike in the back of the car, I get in the back seat the guy drives me like 10km from MSA and drops me off, then he wishes me good luck in the race and gives me the "bro" handshake. The real kicker is 5min into the drive the cop reaches into the passenger seat and pulls out a A&W Mama burger and takes a huge bite and says to me, "sorry man, its lunch time". First time in a cop car ever, its was unreal. We are out of MSA tomorrow. later.

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