Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hardwood Hills canada cup.

I just raced here in Hardwood hills today. The race for me was not my best. I felt "OK" and rode "OK" but I didn't win. So I am kind of not impressed. Derek Zandstra won then Mike Garrigan and all Ricky could do was Third. The tree of we all rode together for the whole race. we all tried to get a gap a couple times but it was impossible to do anything out there, you attack and then you run into some junior or senior women and its all for not, so frustrating. The elite men/women need to have there own course. Poland was good for that, having your own course is key. Its a lot of fun staying here in Barrie, I am with the United cycle team, Roddi, Tim, and Evan, we are all on Trek Fuels. We got this sweet Dodge charger rental car and its gutless and we are driving it to Quebec tomorrow. we got hockey bags with cycling gear in it strapped to the roof with kayak straps, its sweet! Then we staying at MSA for the week. Tim is from Dutch and was telling me about dutch things in Canada and how Roddis pants are a dutch oven. its good times over here. I think MSA will go better for me.


Connor said...

Ricki--you were still on the podium and still with the top guys, so congrats-- keep those points rollin!

Anonymous said...

That freakin Dutch Bastard!!

Tom said...

If there's one thing I can't stand it's people who are intolerant of other people's cultures... that and the dutch!