Wednesday, June 13, 2007

George is getting upset.

Oh its been a good week. I went for a paddle in the river and the water was on the high side and there was a couple sections that were very fun, I felt super comfortable in the boat and just tore it a new one. I want to do some bigger stuff now. I also got to drive out to YVR to pick up Kurt and drove his Civic that is identical to the one me and Marcinek (Marty) drove around Poland, it brought back some good memories. I had to do some speeding just so I could feel the love. I went motor pacing with Conor yesterday and it was wicked hard and fast.

Hey Mike and Lina, you guys remember this from last summer? Eating food that was grilled. I had to call up Conor and Kristin to replace you guys. The salmon was still good.
Then I went for a bike ride couple days ago and got stung by a bee on my lip. I'm like Kramer in the "Jimmy can jump" episode. All I need is some vertical leap training shoes and I would be getting picked up by the Velvet fog to sit at the head table, I sure that would be impressed at what I do?

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