Sunday, May 13, 2007

Warsaw, Polski cup #3

Race Report - So this race was in Warsaw, the course was just on the out skirts of town in a Park with a bmx course in the middle of this hill. we went up 6 short steep climbs and down the bmx course. the course was 2.4 km long and we did 14 laps. It was dry and fast and wicked for all the folks that came out to see it. I had a front row start which is always good and found myself in the lead group of 4 after the half way point. I kind of tried to do a dig at like lap 3 but it was not really my day. I had a bad gut the whole day and I was not on, just a bad day. I was only like 10sec off 3rd and was fighting tooth and nail until the finish, it was so fast and hard, full euro style. So 4th its all right but I kind of want to win. I got one more chance to do it next week, my last week here in Poland. Marty is going home on Tuesday and I am going to be solo in Poland but I think I will be able to make it to the race and airport after. time will tell.

Non race report- So me and Marty loaded up the Civic and pealed out fallowing Greg and Anna from the halls team. before we took of Greg asked Marty "so how fast does that thing go?" at that point Marty said I better drive, good thing too because I was peeing my pants the whole time and was sweating buckets the whole time while we were driving 180km racing euro cars the whole time. I cant believe I am still alive. At one point we were doing 160 and making all kinds of sketchy passes and we looked over at Greg and he is just chilling talking on the cell phone and I was like "Dude man! this is like a video game" "its nuts". we made it to Warsaw in one piece and the Hotel we stayed at was unreal, the best hotel I have ever stayed at in my life, best breakfast, best shower, English speaking people all over, it was sweet. this morning we drove from Warsaw to Kielce to visit Marty's Grandma and she is just feeding us old school polish style, right now I am eating this unreal cake.

Quote of the week
"I never thought I would say this but the civic is just too slow" Marty as we are pinned doing 180km per hr.

here are some photos from last weekend.


Anonymous said...

Those girls are towering over you! well done, keep the tiger alive.

Mike and Lina

Greg said...

Hey Ricky!

Nice results out there man. Keep it going man! That pic is classic. I think I'd move and only race out there if I was you....

Connor said...

That picture of you with those girls is the best thing I have ever seen! I made that my computer backdrop! Man, you between those babes is just the best. It's The Year of Ricky!! Go get em tiger!

Anonymous said...