Saturday, May 05, 2007

The big W.

I just finished the the second race here in Poland and I won! it was unreal the biggest win of my life. the Polaks were amazed. it was crazy the street was lined with people going nuts and there was wicked podium girls and a sausage grill with like 2000 sausages and a bunch of crazy dunk dudes. I am loving it here in Poland. the race was 8 laps of like 5ish km and I just played it cool at the start and by the 3rd lap I was in the lead and never looked back. it was unreal. I have never hurt this much before, I had a good gap going into the last lap and then I started to fade and the guys almost caught me and my legs almost stopped working. if there was 1 more hill I was done. any how got to go, I am so done. Winning is fun. whats up with the Canucks? eeeee.


Troy. said...

Nice work Rickymaru! Do you think the Polish sausage makes you faster? I have been on the burrito plan since you turned me onto that place in Fontana last year. But if you think the sausage is better for me, that is what I will go with. Congrats.

Jon said...

Hey Ricky,
Just wish I was as successful in our race here. The polish destroyed us, although we each ended up top 10. Congratulations to you though. I bet your favorite part of that race wasn't even winnning, it was probably the sausages. Have a cup of coffee to celebrate and we'll see you tonight.

Anonymous said...


You are the man! Congrats, keep it up and stay away from the polish hookers(well most of them)


Anonymous said...

rock on Ricky


Anonymous said...

ricky, way to go, I hope you didn't lead those inocent canadian boys down any garden paths.

Scott@Trek said...

Hi Ricky,

Congratulations on an awesome finish! Not only were you the only Trek rider in the top 20 but you also won the whole race.

Best wishes with your remaining events.

Anonymous said...

Way to go costanza, are you blinking with that pulp.... How many uci point do you have now are you going to make the 20 you are looking for, it would be great if you both came back with more than shamo. good luck dude, have you seen any water places named moland springs over there?