Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poland #4

Well its all done now. My final race in Poland was yesterday. I finished 3rd. The course was maybe like 4km and hilly and in the woods with no real hard sections, kind of a lame course but one of the better ones here in Poland. The race started out good with a group of 5 guys going off the front and I was right in the mix. then the group was down to 3 and I was still there. then there was 2 and I was not there. I rode the rest of the race in no mans land, it was real long like 2and a half hrs and I took down way to much gel and my post race gut was one for the books. I think my legs reached a new level of pain during the race, I was fighting hard for the podium, and it turns out I had a good gap, but I am not dead so I must be stronger now. Its good to end the trip on the podium for sure. I now get to go home and get some rest!

My week was very interesting staying with Marty's grandpa, the man speaks no English, not one word. My Polish is better then his English. It was really only 2 days so it was fine, and the old man makes a mean soup. then on Thursday the Halls team mechanic picked me up and we drove to the race. 6hrs on really bumpy polish roads in this massive truck, not wicked. My travel now gets really bad. I fly out of Krakow tomorrow at 530am and then have a 12hr stop over in Prague then a 16hr stop over in London. I get in to vancouver at 3pm on Tuesday. See you all soon.


Tom said...

Ouch.. that is some harsh travel. I'd be angry.. like an old man trying to return soup at a deli.

But podium is good! Want to race road provincials June 3rd?

Anonymous said...

Fedreau you magnifisant BASTARD!!

Michael Mitchnick said...

I will see you soon RICKY!!

-Michael Mithnick.

Anonymous said...

Helloooooo. La, la, la. Call me when yer home. I can't believe I spent 14 hours in the saddle this last long weekend (so 3 days). I thought I'd never train again. Being a mom AND a mountain bike racer is way better than just a mountain bike racer! Brian and I will be living at Whistler from June 2-15 and you definitely need to come up there and ride with me. cynth.