Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Poland week one.

I made it to Poland and the Internet is really hard to find but I got some now so its all good. there is no way I will be able to post photos, but I will post them when I get back to Canada. So it all started last Tuesday afternoon when my Dad dropped me off at YVR. Then 24hrs of travel later I was sleeping in Myslenice Poland just 25km south of Krakow. I also had a mental sleep, you know one of those 12hr pass out sessions? then me and Marty went for like a 1hr bike ride and then this Polish team picked us up in there team bus and drove us to the race, 9hrs away. So I did another 12hrs of sleep. I think this is the most travel I have ever done, there was some serious head bobs going on in the bus. This Polish team is unreal they drive us, don't charge us for gas, book our hotel and meals they are also washing our bikes and fixing them, its unreal. The meals are Pasta, pasta, and more pasta and if you are good they might give you some olive oil. also if you ever want to have less airport hassle don't try to "clean" your pass port by putting it in the washing machine. The Poland customs guy did not like it. "what is this" followed up by a half hr of yelling at me. crazy polacks!

The race was the worst course I have ever done. no joke. there was this sandy ski hill and the course was 2.7km long and there was tons of running due to the sand. the course went up the hill and down the hill 4times then went across it at the top. laps took like 8min and we did 14 of them. it was like a cross race, no fun to race on but there was a ton of people watching and there was a big screen tv at the top. it was nuts. I got called up dead last of like 50guys and had to do some riding over my limit to get into the top ten. then I got to 3rd and rode a long time trying to catch the Ukraine guy who was in 2nd he was only like 30seconds up and I could see him, all I could think of was Seinfeld and "the Ukraine is weak" well I used up to much gas to catch him and got caught by the guy who was chasing me down. I finished 4th. the racing is hard and fast. The series is very cool, if you can read polish the web site is

Next week should go better. I got some good recovery this week, I was trashed for a while but felt the love on the bike today. I also will not have to travel for a million hrs and the drive tomorrow is going to be like 3hrs and the polish team is still looking after everything. I went into Krakow yesterday and checked it out its very cool. When do you kayak guys get here? we should hang out? I need to talk to some people that speak English.


Connor said...

ricky, Ricky, RICKY!!! Man, I'm glad you found the internet! Damn, that was some entertaining reading... "the Ukrainian is weak!" I'm going to be in stitches for days picturing that scene! You're an inspiration to us all Ricky! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Don't wash the passport good tip... You are right "the ukraine IS weak". any guys from Dutch there? "the only thing I hate is people who are intollerant of other peoples culture....and the dutch"

Nikki said...

I lost my keys in the house today Ricky. I didn't know what to do. You weren't here and I panicked. When your gone, I have to keep track of where I put my things . Thats a really scary reality for me to face.