Friday, May 04, 2007

The eye of the Tiger

It Friday right now and I have found some Internet and its good. Marty and I drove to race #2 yesterday and it was the most nuts drive I have ever done. we followed this guy we meet at the gas station, "oh just follow me I will show you where to go" and he was killing it, like 170 on the wide open (top speed for the civic) and we were passing like 5cars at a time on these narrow little roads at 140 and I was scared for my life. but I am alive so all is good. The course here is really good, kind of like hardwood but more climbing. I feel good. the only problem is my eye is kind of hurting, it feels like some one punched me in the eye. Kind of messed up but I can see so its fine. maybe a bug bite but its on the inside so I don't know, it could be some grapefruit pulp, "pulp can move".


Anonymous said...

I am jealous that you get to see what the polaks are really all about:) Take good care of Marty for me!!!
Enjoy the racing and see you later in the summer

Tom said...


Give Marcineck a kiss from me too!