Monday, April 23, 2007

Seatac Shuffle

Sunday morning we left my place in Chilliwack just after 6am. We got to the race course at 930 after a couple short stops you know, coffee, gas, bikes almost falling off the rack kind of stuff. When we got there we met up with Matt Green and Stef Widmer. We all pre rode a lap of the course. I did this race in 04 and it was basically the same, crazy fast and flowing and no real big climbs, its the same as hardwood hills. We all lined up for the start and Matt Green is right next to me and they say go and Matt stomps on the pedals and brakes his chain and almost takes everyone out. You know pulling a 1999 Peter Wedge at rocky mt house. Then I got into the single track in like fifth place and by half way through the first lap I went to the front and never looked back, I felt good and smooth and the bike was wicked unreal, it accelerates so fast out of the corners. But I really need to work on my starts, the first 100m is killing me. I won $75, and spent some of that on a burrito on the way home and then watched Connor's Flames get kicked out of the playoffs. Canucks might be kicked out tonight, I was cheering for the flames so Connor you better send some good vibes towards the Canucks. He is a photo from TST last weekend. Off for Poland on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

"the canucks might be kicked out tonight.."
Where is the faith Ricky?? Where is the faith? I'm pretty disappointed in you for that comment. GO CANUCKS GO!
PS too bad for connor :)

Connor said...

Ha! Ricky-- you crack me up! I needed it today to after being bashed by the whitewter here in charlotte. Now I guess I'll have to just suck it up and be a cunucks fan. Damn Flames!

Nice job on the race! Take it to em this year booouuuyyyy!

Oh, and Kristen, to bad for you, because I'm never talking to you again!

Tom said...

Holy Shit! Did you realize that the guy in your first picture has a Sega jersey? That is unreal!!! How can you race for the Sega team? How come no race plates either? Now I can't track that guy down and ask him where he got it.

Good luck in Polska! Here's all you need to know:

Hello = Czech (pronounced 'ch-esh')
Bike = Rower
Good = Dobja
Let's go = Ie Jamma
Very bad swear word for everything = Kourva

Good luck Kourva!

Anonymous said...

That's ok Connor, I can deal with that. God speed!