Friday, May 25, 2007

relax.... take it eeee eee zzz

OK, so I for 5 nights I have slept in a different beds, and after nightmare travel I am now home, oh baby! I got kind of sick on the way home too. full stuffed up head and coughing all day, my back is so sore from coughing the last couple days. I feel good today, I am going to ride my new Trek Fuel that I just put together. I am racing it in Merritt this weekend. Chilliwack is such a nice place the mountains are so unreal, I love it a home. this photo is from me and Marty driving to some race in Poland following someone that is driving kind of fast. the civic only went 170max on the first weekend then at the end of the trip it was doing 180, I guess we broke her in.

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chris Britten said...

hey ricky, way to go, don`t burn up those legs to early.

from: old man cyclist chris