Monday, April 02, 2007

March 21st the first day of spring.

So once the end of march rolls around the race season begins. This past weekend I raced two times. I did the road race out on zero ave on the Saturday then on Sunday I went down to Olympia Washington to race the mt bike. The road race was not so good for me. All those quick accelerations and jumps are a big shock to the Ricky system. Then Sunday was the race in the states and it went well. It pissed rain all night and some during the day and the 17mile course was just a mess. The course was all these moto trails and the ruts were large and muddy. I felt good and won the race and my new Trek carbon hard tail was unreal! wicked unreal. I love the mud, my mother was a mudder. There was so much mud, I am still picking it out of my ears, and my bike needs a full overhaul. So yeah the season is in full swing and I get to race almost every weekend from now till September. Oh and its pissing snow out right now. Full Chill day today.


Anonymous said...

where are the pics of you on the podeum.

Connor said...

Ricky, who is this "anonymous"?? They seem to be doubting the supremacy that is Ricky. They want photo evidence. Ricky needs no photo Evidence. He doesn't even need to write that he has won a race-- if he attends, he is the VICTOR! All hail Ricky, King of the Bike!

Tom said...

Nice you updated your blog! That is tight you like your Trek. What's on it again? Full XTR with pimp wheels? I want to see some pictures as well but mostly for the mud factor.. not the doubt factor.