Friday, April 06, 2007

Its go time!

Just got back from a wicked motor pacing session with Conor, to see Conors view on it go to It was sweet, 100km. Now I am cooked. I am strapping on a feed bag. You know that dog food called "dog chow" or "puppy chow" well I am feasting on some "Ricky chow". A wicked steak sandwich with tomato and Avocado. Mm mm. For my motor pacing warm up and cool down I went and rode my new mt bike on Vedder and its unreal! Its fully set up right now and is sickly light and fast. 2007 is all ready to go, Big thanks to Trek and Wentings on the bikes! Also big thanks also going out to Atac sportswear for doing my new clothing, as well as, and for some huge help. I am off to race in Poland at the end of April. I will keep you all posted.

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Nathan said...

Dude, the new ride looks sweet.