Friday, March 02, 2007

“The good the bad and the ugly” “Clint Eastwood”

So the weather is nuts, on Wednesday night we got like 10cm of snow in like 2hrs. I went to yoga and then when I got out there was like 10cm of snow on the ground. Driving the scooter home in the snow was epic. There was no sense in riding my bike out side on Thursday so Kurt and I drove up to the bottom of mt Cheam with skis and boots and gear. We hiked/snowshoed/telli with skins all the way up to the Cheam parking lot took like 4hrs to go up and by the top there was a ton of powder. We just followed the snowmobile tracks up the whole way up. The ski down was unreal. It was the hike up in ski boots that killed my feet and now they are all blistered up. But it was worth it, the POWDER was insane. On the way down the road we got a ride down the gravel road in the back of a snowmobile trailer, the guy driving almost crashed it off a sweet cliff. Oh Mama. The battery's in my camera were dead so no photos. Just chilling today, my calves are on fire.


Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of a greast Kramer line.
"Who wants to have some FUN!!"


Tom said...

"Are you just saying you want to have fun, or do you really want to have some fun!?!"

"I really want to have fun!"

"I'm just saying I want to have fun"

Anonymous said...

whats up ricky