Monday, April 16, 2007

Go Canucks Go!

I was in some need of some motor pacing so Thursday my Dad took me up mt Baker behind the scooter and it was pissing snow and cold up at the top but it was real nice down in the valley. I was almost crying my hands got so cold at the top. After a 170km of sucking scooter wheel I ended up at my parents which is always good, there fridge is packed to the gills!
Then Friday afternoon I got in the rugged Montana van with Will, Tony, and Josh from Whistler. We drove down to Seattle, stayed at this sweet place right on lake Washington. We had a wicked night, we hit up some massive burritos then ate them while we watched the Canucks loose game 2. The next morning We all got in the van, after some coffee of course, then we drove down and raced Tahuya- Seabeck-Tahuya. The race was good on the "selection hill" with 20-30km to go I put in a strong attack and only Will and 3 other guys could hang so the 5 of us rolled through to the finish and I ended up in 5th. Will was 3rd. After the race we stopped at the Safeway for nourishment. Check out this sub Josh got, I didn't think any one bought those things. Josh AKA Bill Cosby.

I also made some coffee improvements in my life. First off my home french passed away the other week when I dropped it in the sink, I don't know if you can see the crack but its there. But with every bad comes a good and I just got this sweet travel french press, it will be making the trip to Poland for sure. I also won a bag of coffee from the TST race. And check out what the kids in my complex did with side walk chalk, in 10 years from now they will be using real spray paint on some down town buildings. Canucks are now up 2-1 and looked real good in the third period last night. Go Canucks Go!


Tom said...


I just realized you look like Alessandro Ballan. A little bit.

Those are pretty pimp bikes. What do they weigh?

Nikki said...

Its Chuck Norris right outside our house. I love those kids. Ricky can we get light sabers for christmas next year so we can play with the kids.