Sunday, November 12, 2006

Teapot Challenge

Well its done, the trash talking has came to an end and the first ever teapot challenge is now done. So results are:
1st Ricky
2nd Toby
3rd Jon
4th Kurt
5th Derek
Thats it we only had 5 people who did the whole thing, next year there will be more. I will give you my view of the race, but you can get Jon's view on his blog
Toby is the best mt biker out of all the kayaker's and he can paddle too. I on the other hand can destroy him on the bike and run, but my paddle is hurting so it might be very close. So we started out a the Holroyd Mansion on Cultus lake on our Mt bikes then we raced up Vedder and down one of my favorite trails called Dilemma. I dropped Toby right away then I came to the lake 11 min up. I had a good transition and paddled best I could, turns out Toby only went 1or2 min faster on the first paddle leg. So I was still like 9or10 min up at the bottom of the run. Then I ripped up teapot, and then half way down I ran into Toby going up and I had a massive gap and the 3or4 cups of coffee I drank in the morning was making me pee so bad, so I went in the woods. I got to work on the coffee pacing, its tough. Then at the start of the last paddle I had like 13 min on Toby. Now the wind had really picked up and it was like white water on Cultus, I got like 100m out and I thought I was going to die, I almost got flipped over multiple times and and with the wind and my lack of paddling knowledge I got spun 180 three times. Good thing I had a 13min buffer. I touched the dock 6or7min up on Toby. Oh man, a good time was had by all and the stories will last a year till the next teapot challenge. Jon, kurt and Derek had a good battle but Jon can tell that one. And today on a very wet Sunday afternoon I am just chilling trying to figure out what the top 10 tunes of all time are. Stairway to heaven, good bye Earl, thunderstruck, heart of gold, and I am trying to pick a tom petty song right now but this is hard work. Any suggestions? Later


Connor said...


By the way, once my foot is operational and I quit work, I'm going to show you what a real underdog can do! Teapot March is going to be a whole new bag Ricky.

Tom said...


James Waldie said...

Congrats Ricky! I'll be back for some coffee here in a few days.

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