Friday, November 17, 2006

You cant have your cake and eat it too.

The last week has been one mad adventure. First off Sunday we all went over to the Beers to celebrate Kurts 30th birthday and eat 6kg of pirogies. It was also Toby's birthday a couple days before and I got him the best gift ever, “a new one” from the teapot. Then on Monday I was running down the rotary trail and there was this girl running towards me and I was thinking man she is really moving then as she got closer I was like hey it Nikki, so I went in her lane and was all flexing and acting like a moron then as she got closer she went on the other side of the trail and passed right by, well it was not Nikki, and I felt so cool. Wednesday I was showing all the juice monkeys at the gym how it was done and then the power went out and we all had to go home. Kurts Mom baked a cake for his birthday and stuck it in the mail, and yesterday we got the cake and it was so good. Then after eating the cake we went for a mountain bike ride and ¾ way down Kurt had this wicked crash and had to walk out. When we got home Nikki(the real one) drove him to the hospital in Bellingham to get checked out. Kurt dose not have his care card yet so hence the Bellingham trip. And turns out Kurt broke (cracked) his collar bone. Doctor says he will have to just take it easy for 3-4weeks but I think if he drinks lots of chocolate milk 2-3 weeks.

whey to much coffee
Nice Sling
Mailed cake, the best kind of cake. and check out the other goods, life is good.

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Tom said...

Oh that is gold. I want "a new one" for Christmas. And a massive bag of those M&M's.

How much weight are you pushing in the gym?