Thursday, October 05, 2006

What am I thinking? I must have bricks in my head

I am Costanza lord of the idiots! And suddenly we have a new contender. Thats right the new contenders are Kurt and I. So yesterday we set out to do a day hike up to Williamson lake in the back woods of Chilliwack. So we woke up and downed some cereal, I phoned my folks to let them know where we are going and when we would be back then we drove to the hike, we were on the trail at 830. We hiked for like 3hrs then we got to the lake, it was very nice but us being as dumb as we are we wanted to go to the top of this Welch peak that was way up there. The higher we got the harder the trail got. We got to the point where we took the rope we brought and Kurt tied one end around his waist and I did the same with the other end. So we were on a ridge with like 300m drop offs on both sides, the hiked turned into full on rock climbing. Quote of the day has to go to Kurt, “Ok if I slip and fall, just jump off the opposite side” oh yeah that sounds great I will just jump off this massive cliff. Oh Man we are crazy. Anyhow after doing this rock climbing for like 2hrs we had to stop because it just got way to hard, but we got a killer view and ate our 16$ worth of dried mango's. But man they were sure good at the top. After chilling at the top Kurt and I started going down and it took so long, way longer then we thought it would. On the way down I fell hard and riped the skin off my hand. Then we slid down this snow field, right to the lake and it was pitch black. We filled up with some beaver fever lake water, put our head lamps on then went down in the marked trail in the dark. We were doing great! Clear sky, stars, massive almost full moon, it was unreal. But I was kind of worried about my folks I couldn't phone them because no service in the back country, and it was like 9pm. And I knew they were freaking. At this time Kurt was hurting his walking style looked like someone who had to learn how to walk all over again. All we could do is keep going we got like 20min from the car and there was this truck that pulled up and sure enough is was the old man and my uncle Rick, they brought a quad and came to look for us. Well they found us. The total hike was 13.5hrs then we got in the car and hit the Wendy's and made the classic bonking joke of sending the Frosty's through an IV machine and straight in to our vains. Slept like a rock last night and today its full CMT on the couch and Canucks game at 4, I am so wrecked.
oh we got so close to the peak! but not being dead on some rock is kind of good
$16 worth of dry Mango
this should be a lot of fun over the next couple days welch peak from the bottom
Kurt hanging off the rock with williams peak and chilliwack lake in the background
sun set at like 2000m and we still got like 3hrs hike left

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Jon said...

Hey Ricky,
You guys are insane. That picture of kurt gives me the chills just looking at it. I can't imagine what it would have been like up there.