Sunday, October 01, 2006

Theres no jobs in this town, unless you want to work 40hrs a week!

Oh mama, what a weekend. So on Friday Rhys phones me up and tells me he cant get the car to go to hockey. Well I do have a scooter and we had to get to the rink so I picked him up and we rolled to hockey both of us on the scooter with both bags and both sticks, now for all the kids out there this is how you roll all white and nerdy. Just call me Loyd Christmas. When I got to hockey I was on a 2 on 1 with some guy and passed it across and the D man blocked my pass with his face and his eye socket and nose got all cut up and there was blood all over the ice and he was off to the hospital to get some stitches. Saturday morning I met the Abbotsford possi at the corner of Vedder and Keith Wilson to do the Mt Macfarlane. We all hiked up like like 5or6km then set up camp at lower pierce lake but we couldn't even see the lake cause so much fog rolled in and couldn't see 10m in front of your face. Then we set off for the last 5or6km to the top. Me and Ryan and Trev sprinted up front and somehow got lost for like 45min and we got board so we rolled some boulders down this cliff. Then Nate and the girls showed up and we went right to the top, the peak was 2100m. Then after not seeing much we went back down to camp site and drank special ice tea and sang lump (by the presidents of the USA you know?) by a raging fire. Next morning woke up and went back up to the top and could see tons and it was unreal. Chilliwack is just insane. One of the best parts of day 2 was jumping in the lake at 1700m in the full buck, this is a family site so no photos will be posted. On the way down Chris and his legs were so messed up and he couldn't walk, if the hike was 10 more minutes we would have to drag him out. Then we drove straight to the Jolly Miller and strapped on a proper feed bag. There is more photos but blogger or my computer is showing me no love right now. I will try and get more photos up later.

setting up camp in the fog

Upper Pierce lake
Mac and cheese for nate at the top
Lower Pierce lake, this is the one we camped by.

Mad fire, Mad I tell you
You just got to get to hockey!


Connor said...

Man, those lakes are awesome! Too bad I don't have much time these days for hiking! Looks like another winner!

Andy said...

ok, rickys blog is better than mine