Thursday, August 31, 2006

NZ for 6days and a Van Man

So I have got home from New Zealand and it was OK. I was only in NZ for 6 days. I got in on the 22nd and everyone else got in on the 16th or the 20th and the best part about arriving when I did is that everything is figured out and looked after. all I had to do was uh nothing sit there and watch TV. the weather was not so hot the first day and was just pissing rain and 10c. the weather got better and was 12or13 daytime high and sun and cloud with some rain. Kind of like BC in March, thats why I only stayed for 6days. I was rooming with Seamus and we had a good time and we cooked up some wicked good feed bags, the best one was lamb and sweet potato fries. The race was OK nothing insanely wicked but it went OK I finished 35th. The course was really good with a ton of climbing then some really nice in the woods single track on the way down it was kind of long for me, my race time was like 2hr25min. after the race I was so done. I rode home with marty and he dropped me and he was wearing street clothing and shoes. after the race the whole team Canada went for dinner at this restaurant at the top of the Mountain with this sweet view of the city. woke up the next day and went and drove this sprint car with the Maxxis guys. The other cool part of this trip was the flight from Auckland to Rotorua and back, it was just this little plane that sat like 15 people and there was no security to get on the plane. I could have brought a backpack full of guns and Knifes if I wanted and there was no door blocking off the cockpit and I could see right out the front of the plane and the landing was so cool, I have never seen out the front on landing before. When I got home I went and hiked elk with mike and conner. and today my legs are so wrecked, its hurts to walk. but I just smoked mike and conner up the hike. I have been sleeping in the last couple days till like 11or12. I am a bum, and I love it. Oh yeah mike and Lina are going to drive to ottawa in this 1977 dodge van. Mike went to work and made Lina clean the inside of the van, she is pissed. I think the previous owner smoked 100000 packs of cigs in the van.

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