Tuesday, July 04, 2006

week 3 Hardwood canada cup may 29-june4

This week was the hardwood hills canada cup just outside of Barrie ontario. The plan for the week was to stay in Collingwood at the National Ski Academy. I meet Ray our Mechanic for the next 3 weeks and Kiara in Collingwood. Kiara and I stayed at the NSA and Ray lives in Collingwood. The Academy was wicked good, its like a boarding school for potential national ski team athletes who are high school aged. They live in this massive house that sleeps 20-30, has a full sized gym and a weight room, and there is a cook there full time cooking meals. I played basketball in the gym with Kiara and we played 21, I won 21 - 12. its a good thing Kiara can ride a bike really fast cause I don't think she has game. It was summer and there was only like 15 kids there, and so we were able to stay there. The guy that runs the NSA was a buffalo sabers fan and his team lost to Carolina, oh thats a shame, I was happy because we are going to be in Carolina next week and a Oilers Canes final would be good. Ray showed us some good roads to ride on and I found some wicked trails on Blue Mt. I was kind of still pissed about my front derailleur last week and wanted revenge so at this canada cup I had 2 chances a short track on Saturday and a XC on sunday. the short track was good very cool course with a little single track and then down the BMX course. I was out solo after about 5min with Neal kindree chasing me down and it was Neal so there was no way I was going to let him beat me. So I won and Kindree was 2nd, Mark Battys Brother Eric was 3rd. For the XC on sunday the weather was wicked and the course dry. I knew my fitness was good so the plan was to bide my time and just be patient and wait till the last lap and "drop the hammer" this is the plan me and ray had discussed. right at the start there was a group of like 6or7 and I was in it. It was Raf, Marty, Watson, Tim this guy from Dutch, Sneddon, and some others as well. I just went to the front and went through some single track and was in the lead and I had a gap. So I just kept going, every lap I was gaining a little bit and I felt good. when I went through the feed zone on the 2nd lap Ray was giving me splits and I said "so much for patients eh". At the end of the race I won Marty was 2nd and Derek Zandstra was 3rd. There was even champagne on the pod and I made sure that I sprayed everyone real good. oh it was a good weekend and next up was a couple NORBAs but we first had a 12hr drive to Carolina. More to come tomorrow

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