Wednesday, July 05, 2006

NORBA's june 6-18 North Carolina/Vermont

So after Hardwood Me, Ray and Kiara got a van and drove down to North Carolina for NORBA #2 at Sugar Mt. It took us about 12hrs to do the drive and we went through like 6 states, a new world record. once we got to Sugar things were kind of tight the accommodation papers said that there was bunk beds at the place. These were not really bunk beds it was like some one took a closet and made 2 levels in it and then put foam pads down. it was the smallest bed I have ever slept in. but we had a really nice view out the back window. we watched the Negotiator with Samuel Jackson very good movie. "in the army they teach us how to wash our hands, in the navy they teach us how not to piss on our hands". The race course was wicked fun, a massive climb like 5mile long then down this really technical single track and open ski hill to the finish. my race started out real well I had a front row start for the first time in my life and just hung in there up the climb and went in the first down hill in like 7th ish. I picked a bunch of guys off and came through the finish in 4th my first NORBA podium, wicked cool. I did have a real good battle with Nick Waite we came out of the last single track together and as soon as we hit the bumpy ski hill to the finish I pined it on my wicked specialized Epic and Nick was on a hard tail and I dusted him, oh sweet epic how I love you. the next race was the short track and I ended up 7th thats a personal best for me so that was good. next up Vermont norba. and a 15hr drive.

So this drive was a long one ray did all the driving because me and Kiara were kind of wrecked from the racing. we got like half hour from the venue and there was a truck that lost its load and the road was closed down for 5-6hrs and we had to take like a 2hr detour. not wicked. once we got to our place life was pretty good. it was like this little cabin thing that had satellite TV. oh Mr 3000. There was some serious chilling to be done in vermont so I took this spare mattress and placed it in front of the TV, every day I would lay there then at night Ray would fall asleep on it watching some movie, I would wake up in the morning and the TV would still be going with Ray fully passed out. The race course in vermont is so good a real mt bikers course no pissing around the Epic was the bike for this course, big climb with some downs involved then a huge down hill with tons of roots. I had a front row start again and was somewhere in the top 10 on the first of 4 laps. like 2 min into the race I was getting passed by ryan treebon and his crazy high seat that ended up hitting me in the head. Most of the race I was battling with Kabush and Todd Wells. I pulled this wicked pass on the down hill and passed them both at the same time and it was a clean pass to. then like 5 seconds after the pass I body checked a tree with my shoulder scott stevens style. Oh I felt like a jit, they both passed me back. on the last lap Kabush took off and put like 30 seconds into me he finished 6th and I was 7th todd was 8th another 30 behind me. For the Short track I was just done like dinner and only like 9 guys finished on the same lap as the leader I think I finished 10th. so there is now a little brake in the norba for now, I am 5th overall in the XC and 9th in the ST. next up is mont saint anne and a 7hr drive to get there. oh Ray got a speeding ticket on the way, he was doing 80mph in a 55.Ricky

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