Monday, July 03, 2006

Road Trip Quebec May18-28

Hey I just got back from being on the road for 6 weeks and I am going to do a report on this blog thing I will try to do 1-2 weeks a day until I am up to date. the trip started as I flew into Montreal with Air canada. I landed in Montreal on May 18th, Rick Batty picked me up and drove me to the accommodation in Bromont Quebec. I meet Andrew Watson, Emily and Mark batty there. We stayed at this house and it was so dark none of the lights worked. All Emily and mark did was text messages the whole time Mark does so many texts that his cell phone bill comes in a box with 1000 sheets of paper, you can blame him for all those trees they cut down. I have never raced at bromont before and it was very nice good course with good climbing and good single track. The day before the race it just pissed rain and race day it was pissing rain to. The course had this wicked creek crossing that almost took me down. From the start it was max plaxton in the lead and me in second and thats how it finished. it was a crazy race, everyone ran out of brake pads, at the finish I was so cold and muddy. the day after the race we drove the 3hrs from bromont to Tremblant to get ready for canada cup #2.

Tremblant. When we first got there we did a food shop at the IGA, and we spent $330 bones on food for the week that was a big shop, who thought nutella could cost so much. then we found our accommodation and we stayed at this place with a wicked view of the lake. For the race it was crapy and raining all week but race day it was nice and the course was in good condition. I was having a good race and then half way through the second of 5 laps my front derailleur broke and I tried to get it going but no dice and I was a DNF. I felt good and was very pissed, there will be revenge, oh full revenge. Max won and Watson was second. after my dnf I made this wicked burito and hung out with skinner and these guys from edmonton, after hearing how good the oilers are I went home and there were some ontario Jr guys there who had to much to drink and they provided me with some good entertainment. The next day i got a ride to Collingwood with the Arrow racing guys. Next stop is Hardwood hills.

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