Tuesday, July 11, 2006

mont saint anne world cup june 19-25

So Ray dropped Kiara and I off at Mont Saint anne. Then he went and drove back to collingwood right away. While Me and K watched game 7 of the stanly cup finals. the oliers lost and It kind of sucked because a canadian team really needs to win the cup, it sucks but I will live. Roddi on the other hand was so pissed I rode with him a couple days later and he was pissed, more pissed then when he had to pay $80USD for his bike on an airplane this one time, now thats pissed. I do remember 94 when the canucks made it to game 7 and lost it was not good. When's the last time the leafs made it to the finals? the race was good, wicked course and 7 laps and tons of fast euros. I started in 45th place. after the start loop I was like in 30th ish. then I moved up and up and up. and half way through the race I was up to 9th and 10th. Feeling good and killing it. half a lap to go I broke my chain and just started running. I finished 23rd and was very pissed, but what can you do? well you can get selected for random doping and have to pee in a cup. This was very interesting because I ate tons of beats the night before and my pee looked like red gatorade. I thought I could fill the 75ml cup no problem but I got it to like 74ml and was out and was squeezing so hard I thought I was going to blow up, not to mention the gas that was coming out the other end, but I did it 75ml. oh baby. Time to go home for the first time in 6weeks. While I was on the road my dad and grandpa went fishing look at the photo, looks like I am going to eat some salmon.

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